Pfadfindendorf Zellhof
Internatinal Scout and Guide Centre


Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs


Zellhof is an old historical estate developed and restored by Scouts and Guides into a permanent international camp, and which after more than 30 years, is still run by volunteers of the Scouting movements from many different nations.

Being part of a large international Staff (we are very often more than ten nations around the table) you live together like a big family. The Zellhof Team brings out Teamwork by friendship. Through the rota system Staff members will gain a lot of new experiences, new skills and new friends.


At Zellhof, the Team (staff) begins every day with breakfast together, during which the members choose their work tasks for the day. We work on the rotation principle. Everyone does every sort of work, and each time different people work together. This is so all team members can get to know and learn from each other. All Team members are equally and individually responsible, and the combination of an outgoing staff, beautiful location, and exciting social atmosphere result in fun days and long evenings.

The Zellhof Team runs under the basic philosophy:

The more you put in, the more you get out.

The motto of the Zellhof team


We can welcome 10 international volunteers.

The duties of the team:
When asked, help the groups with the organization of their camp: eg. shopping possibilities, hiking routes, excursions, international activities, etc.

Work on the site:
Working on the campsite, repairs, taking care of equipment, cleaning, refuse separation and disposal, etc.

Work in the shop:
Selling badges, drinks, sweets, answering the telephone, giving out equipment etc.

For the team and for special events.

Meals and indoor accommodation is provided, minimum age 18 years, friendly and open young adults willing to integrate into an international crew, to learn new skills, working wherever needed, giving all their skills to the benefit of our guests and the centre.

We speak three languages: English, German and Czech.

If you wish to receive further details or become part of our international Staff, feel free to contact us or visit our homepage.


Claudia Steinmetz

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