Great to see you here!

If you landed on this page it’s probably because you would like to try the ESVP experience! What a beautiful idea!

The application process is not so complicated, you just have to follow these nine steps bellow.


First, very important: Think on your objectives! Reflect about why do you want to do this volunteer experience. Why volunteering in a Scout Centre? What are your expectations? What could you get out of it?

Have a look on the different Centres participating on the programme, what they offer, where they are. Are they helping to fulfill your objectives and expecations?

Make your choice on a Center or Centres.

Contact directly or through our contact form the different Centres you selected and ask them about their availability.

Follow their admission procedure. Each Centre has their own process, make sure you follow them properly and on time.

Once accepted as a volunteer in the Scout Centre (Congrats!), ask the Centre Manager to apply on your behalf in to the ESVP programme.

The Centre signs you up for the programme. (You might have to provide travel documents to support your application once arrived to the Centre).

The Centre receives the financial support for all the volunteers registered in the programme and makes the reimbursement to the volunteers