Scouting Nederland


Located in the forests in the centre of the Netherlands, Buitenzorg is an international campsite covering 12 hectares. There are 18 camping fields, each with their own campfire place. There are two fully equipped buildings to stay in, together they can host 85 people. In the middle of the campsite is a facility building with toilets en showers for the camping guests.

In the office building there are located a scout shop and the National Scouting museum. During the summer we welcome over 400 scouts, this may be in one week, from all over Europe. Baarn has a railway station close to the site and can be reached from Schiphol airport within an hour by car.

On the website you can find various programs that can be used when you are on the site. It is possible to rent them at the site for a small amount or download them from the website. Because of its central position it is a perfect base for excursions, for example to Amsterdam. In the surroundings of the site various hikes on foot or bike are available, as well as games to play or nature research to be done.


During weekends and the summer weeks the managers have the support of staff members. There is a staff team of at least two members present during weekends from Friday evening to Sunday evening, in summer there are 4 members. Every week there is a new team of volunteers (only the foreign volunteers stay longer).


As a foreign volunteer you assist the staff members in many ways: you welcome the guests, helping our guests with activities, supervise their chore duties, cleaning public spaces, cooking with/for the other volunteers. We like to use your talents. You are in the office to do administrative jobs, you do odd jobs in the woods or in the buildings for maintenance, you help the scouts with their programs if they want to, you may do your own workshops representing your own country, you help selling goods in the small scout shop we have.

You stay at the site in your own room in a small cabin. Besides working on the campsite, there is some time for sightseeing. We would love to have foreign scouts as a trainee staff member and like to offer you a “Holland experience” you’ll never forget!

We speack Dutch and English.

Volunteering will necessarily start the second week of July.

Expected working hours:
Early shift or late shift, 6-8 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week but all in consultation with the other volunteers.


Ron and Mirjan Stolk

🏠 : Buitenzorg Scout center
Amsterdamsestraatweg 51, 3744 BA, Baarn, NETHERLANDS

📞 : (+31) 35 541 22 44
📧 : buitenzorg@buitenzorgbaarn.nl

f : https://www.facebook.com/scoutcentrumbuitenzorgbaarn/