International Guide and Scout Camp Bucher Berg


Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP Bayern)/ International Guide and Scout Camp Bucher Berg


The International Guide and Scout Camp is located in the largest natural park in Germany, in Bavaria. The area is very beautiful and offers many possibilities, such as canoeing, excursions or just wonderful walks and hacks. It’s easy to reach, the nearest airports are Nuremberg or Munich, and from there you can reach us by local train very fast.

Nearest airport: Nuremberg 80 km, Munich 120 km,
Nearest railway station: Parsberg 12 km.


The staff members live in a brand new, central heated house (with kitchen, common room with tiled oven and 2-4 bedrooms) at the campsite. They offer activities for the groups, i.e. canoeing, handicrafts, sports and guided tours. Most staff members have special responsibilities according to their talents and preferences, but tasks are also flexible. The work schedule is set up during the regular staff meetings.

The staff members as a team are responsible for their own shopping and cooking, but not for the cleaning of the sanitary facilities. Staff supervises and may help the groups with their camp chores.
Once a week staff members will have their own activity. Staff members have one day off per week. The camp language is English. Full board and 70€ of pocket money for 4 weeks are provided.


During the international camp, we offer a very exciting and diversified program. Sorry – that’s too much to conclude it in a few sentences, so please take a look at our homepage!

But we can tell you something about touristic excursions: We are situated in Bavaria (you know: famous Bavaria! 😉), and it’s easy to reach local famous spots by train. Examples are Munich (Oktoberfest, museums, art galleries), Nuremberg (Reichsparteitagsgelände, also museums and art galleries), the well-known area Altmühltal, the castle Neuschwanstein, the monastery Weltenburg, the cities Regensburg, Passau …

You see: We have enough “hot spots” to visit – and we will help you plan your trip!

Camp 2022

The international camp 2022 will be between July 18th and August 20th. You find the staff application form for the season 2022 at

Last year we have had the 30-year-anniversary of the camp. But everything was canceled because of the pandemic situation. We now will celebrate the anniversary in 2022.


Gerd B. Hergenröther, Camp Director

🏠 (office) : VCP Land Bayern, Hummelsteiner Weg 100, 90459, Nürnberg, GERMANY
📞 (office) : +49 911 4304 265
⛺ (campsite) : International Guide and Scout Camp Bucher Berg, Buch 26, 92363, Breitenbrunn/Opf., GERMANY

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